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Your Landscape Design Team

At Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center, we aim to provide the best customer service experience you’ve ever had at a landscaper, so that means going far beyond simply selling you basic gardening supplies. Fortunately, with four decades of gardening experience ourselves, 20 years as the owners and operators of Sandy T’s, and a great team of gardeners and landscapers supporting our family business, we’re ready to help you in any area we can.

Gardening Advice and Tips

In addition to outdoor plants and supplies, Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center offers professional in-store gardening advice and landscaping services on your property. You can call ahead to ask questions or schedule a service, or simply come to our store to get advice on soil types, flowers that thrive in our region, and more. Plus, we have a great gift and flower shop on site, so browsing and learning from our team is always a good idea.

On-Site Installation Assistance

If you’re planning to install a new yard feature or a whole new landscape design, you don’t have to do all that heavy lifting alone. Our team can help you execute a precise, professional installation with the right equipment and know-how to make the process a breeze. You’ll be enjoying your yard in no time at all with installation assistance from Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center!

Our Services

First, we’ll start with a free on-site estimate where we measure and plan together. Then, our team can deliver all the bulk foundational materials and plants included in the design before getting to work. Our installation services cover both landscaping and hardscaping, including:

  • Professional landscape design and plant selection
  • Planting trees, flower beds, shrubs, and more
  • Depositing and spreading ground cover like soil and stone
  • Designing and building retaining walls
  • Removing existing concrete to replace with pavers, grass, etc.
  • Sod installation
  • Stone and paver planning, preparation, patios, paths, decorative borders, and more

Seasonal Care and Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner who already has a yard that you love and enjoy, you know it’s worth the extra care and maintenance to keep the lawn healthy and plants lush in the summer. You also know the yard work is never done, with raking in the spring and fall, aerating the grass, weeding, and mulching. That’s where Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center comes in! Leave the garden maintenance to a professional team who loves landscaping, so you can spend more time enjoying the results. As a homeowner, you already have a million things to fix and maintain on your property, but landscaping doesn’t have to be one of them.

You can contact us anytime to arrange a single spring or fall cleanup, tree pruning, or other help. If you’d prefer regular care, we can recommend a predetermined schedule based on your landscaping to ensure the grass and plants get exactly the right amount of water, trimming, and mulching they need to thrive year after year.

Start Planting and Building Today!