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All Your Garden Center Supplies

Sandy and Danny Thomas, the owners and operators of Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center, have a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and sheer passion about plants. Our fully stocked garden center is our pride and joy, second only to the level of personalized, friendly customer service we offer to all of our guests. Visit Sandy T’s Garden Center for the best selection of perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees in Ocean County!

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy our huge selection of products. In fact, we focus on helping the weekend DIY gardener find the right supplies for his or her flower beds. We can also create and install a whole new landscape design for you.

Helpful and Professional Expertise

The Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center team has over 40 years of experience creating a welcoming outdoor atmosphere tailored to our region and each customer’s property, enhancing the beauty and value of our neighborhoods. We specialize in helping residential customers, renters, and homeowners by carrying all the materials and supplies you need to create the landscaping of your dreams.

When you visit our store, it’s OK if you can’t tell a dandelion from a daffodil, because we don’t want you to feel intimidated by gardening; we want you to discover the joy it brings to us and other gardeners everywhere! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to educate our visitors, and we pride ourselves on customer service. You can visit anytime to quickly pick up exactly what you need or to ask our team questions about putting together a DIY yard that thrives with the right soil, plants, and care.

What You’ll Find

With our level of expertise, you’ll never feel alone in getting the most from your window box, patio vegetable garden, or sprawling backyard. Come on in and visit us today to find:

  • Trees (fruit trees and other varieties)
  • Decorative shrubs and hedges
  • Perennials and annuals
  • Indoor potted plants
  • Bulk planting materials, including soil, sand, mulch, and ground covers like bark
  • Decorative hardscaping elements, including stone, pavers, and bricks
  • A flower shop for fresh-cut flowers
  • A gift shop with outdoor decorative items like flags, doormats, lawn décor, and other items for your yard or a friend’s

Visit Our Store

Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center is also home to our very own gift shop with home décor items to finish off your yard or share with a friend. We look forward to helping you find the perfect plants and gifts, anytime.

Start Planting and Building Today!