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Bulk Material for Landscaping Projects

Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center can help you lay the foundation for a successful garden with the supplies you need to kick things off. Come to us for bulk materials used in landscaping and hardscaping, including soil, mulch, and stone.

Top Benefits of Mulch

Mulch helps retain the soil in your flower beds, so plants can get all the nutrients they need to bloom. Mulch is used to insulate the soil, talk to our team about choosing a material that will benefit the plants you plan to use in that area. We have red, black, and brown mulch, all of which can help keep soil moist with less watering, insulate and warm the plants on cold days, block pesky weeds, and more.

Common Soil Types

There are many local types of soil that encourage your landscaping to succeed and thrive. If you aren’t sure what you need, the fastest option is to come talk to our team or schedule a free estimate, because there are many factors to consider for each and every property and landscape design. If you’re an experienced gardener, then you can count on us to supply and deliver some common soil types, including:

  • Topsoil
  • Mushroom soil
  • Screened topsoil
  • Sand: white mason sand, yellow mason sand, and concrete sand

Stone Selections and Delivery

Decorative stonework is a fast and dramatic way to add curb appeal to any home. Depending on when you visit, Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center will have a unique selection of stones in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can choose a one-of-a-kind look that fits your yard. A fresh driveway, a clear path, borders, or planters are all an immediate boost to curb appeal that greet everyone with a great first impression.

Types of Stone

Because the type and size of stone varies depending on the other landscaping elements involved and the size of the property, we recommend scheduling an on-site estimate with our design team for assistance in planning the best places for stone details. Best of all, our estimates are free, so you can start today with no obligation find the right stone to complement the landscaping you already have!

3/8” Tan & White 3/8” Crushed Gray Traprock
5/8” Tan & White 3/4” Crushed Gray Traprock
3/4” Tan & White Stone Dust (Screenings)
3/8” White, Yellow, Gray Limestone Dust White
5/8” White, Yellow, Gray Limestone Dust Tan
3/4” White, Yellow, Gray 3/8” Limestone
1 – 3” White Yellow Gray 3/4” Limestone
3/8” Crushed Red 3/4” Crushed Red
½” Arctic White 5-8” Riverock
3/4” Arctic White ½” Lite Blue Traprock
½” Pink & White ¾” Lite Blue Traprock
3/4” Pink & White 8-10” Gabian Stone
3/8” Riverbed R-Blend / Crushed Concrete
3/4” Riverbed Clamshells
1-3” Riverock Woodchips
3-5” Riverock

Schedule an Estimate and Delivery Service

Whether you know exactly what kind of bulk materials you need to fill your garden or you’d prefer to come to us for a professional recommendation, once you’ve made your decision, the work has just begun. Our employees can help you figure out your measurements and understand how much of each material you’ll need to adequately cover your space and give you the answers as part of our free estimates. If you don’t have an easy way to transport all the soil or mulch, that’s no problem. Sandy T’s Stone and Garden Center can schedule a delivery and even an installation or spreading service that fits into your calendar.

Come visit us today at 348 Route 9 in West Creek, NJ, to get started! If you’ve purchased from us before or you already know the type and amount of bulk materials you need for your landscaping project, you can also call us anytime at 609-296-7600 to place an order directly.

Start Planting and Building Today!